Our Paintball & Airsoft Fields

Visit our 20 acre paintball facility in South Florida


XBall and Speedball

XBall is the type of game that you see on TV and is played by college and professional teams around the country. XBall is played in a stadium style setting with inflatable bunkers. The XBall field at Hot Shots is under the lights at night and allows for a safe viewing.

The XBall/Speedball field is constantly changing bringing new challenges each time you visit. The field is usually setup based on the most recent upcoming tournament layouts. Come test your agility and skills on this fast paced close combat style field.

Bus Field / Woodsball

This field is laid out with two forts on either side of the field, scattered bunkers along either side of the field, and an old bus in the middle of the field. The layout is perfect for games like capture the flag, elimination, protect the president or anything else you can think of.

The Bus Field offers some unique playing features including the bus, giving your team direct line of fire into the wooded areas on both sides. This field can accommodate up to 20 players in a single game giving everyone some space to play. Games on this field can often last 30-45 minutes, so be sure to have plenty of air and ammo before beginning a battle on the Woodsball Field.

Plywood City

Plywood City is paintball and airsoft urban combat at its best. This close quarter field provides a plywood maze for players to hide along with a series of bunkers surrounding the maze. The field layout allows anything to happen and it will…

The field has some cars, trucks and other plywood forts spread out around the playing area offering all types of shooting angles. Each time you the play this field you can try different tactics, making this a lot of fun to play with a big group or just a few friends.


RecBall & Junkyard

The RecBall fields are a great place for beginners to learn the sport of paintball and for players to get comfortable with the markers. The short fields with scattered bunkers are perfect for smaller games. Advanced players use these fields to practice and test their equipment.

The RecBall and Junkyard fields are all different using different types of objects as bunkers including picket fences, large spools, plastic piping and more.  These fields are a lot of fun for groups of 4 to 10 adults or up to 20 younger players.

Airsoft Fields

All the paintball fields (excluding the air bunker/speedball field) are also available for airsoft games too!