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Bus Field square picture

“The Bus Field”

This field has it all. Start at one of the elaborate forts on either side of the field and try to take control of the bus in the middle or the fort hidden in the woods. Get ready to play one of our premiere scenario paintball fields.

Plywood City Square picture

Plywood City

This urban combat style field features a main plywood maze with a mix of smaller plywood huts, walls and structures in the outlying area. One team starts at the back of the maze, and the other team tries to conquer it.

Junkyard Square picture

The Junkyard

Battle it out in the junkyard among vehicles, tires, pallets and other low cover. Keep your head down as you try to move through the field to eliminate your opponents before they find you and take you out.

Smugglers Cove Square picture

Smugglers Cove

Pirates are moving down the coast and it is your job to stop them. This narrow field is next to a pond keeping the action focused on moving through the field, one hut at a time. Keep moving and communicating to win.

Reball square picture

Training Fields 1 & 2

These “training fields” are great for first time players. Get comfortable shooting your marker from large and small cover points, helping you get familiar with the game. These fields also offer action-packed, fast paced games for experts too!

Spindle Square picture

Spindle Farm

Each team starts on opposite sides of the field with the goal of eliminating all the players on the opposing team. The spindles are facing different directions and you need to be aware of your feet! Using round objects for cover is challenging.